What Would Hermione Do?

Unless you’ve been living in the forests of Albania for the last ten or so years (I’m looking at you, Moldy-Voldy), you’ve undoubtably heard the phrase “what would Jesus do?”   Now, I’m a Catholic and I’m all for Christian forgiveness and behavior, but I find Hermione to be a slightly better reference point.  You can bark the second commandment at me all you like, but really look at Hermione: she is the commandments in action.

During crisis, Hermione buries herself in books and knowledge, knowing that ignorance will end up killing her.  Yes, things don’t always work out perfectly when she does this (how did she not think of Gillyweed?  or the bubble head charm?) it does make her a more knowledgeable and powerful witch.  She is the brains of the operation.  Ron knows this and isn’t afraid to tell Harry to cool his jets and slow down, as they’ll die without Hermione.

So now, when life gets confusing, I usually grab a book (or a wikipedia article if I’m just looking for a little bit of information ;)).  It hasn’t steered me wrong, yet.