Being Petrified

I wish other people could live in my head for a few minutes.  Maybe it would help my interpersonal relations.

Even with my love of Anne Shirley, I never clicked with a female like I did with Hermione.  And here it is again, cropping up.

He said we’re from two drastically different backgrounds, because I like to read and he doesn’t.  Boy, did I want to point to Hermione and Ron’s relationship once we got off the phone and all the things I wanted to say occured to me (don’t think “oppugno” with some canaries wasn’t on my list).  Let’s look at all the ways that Ms. Granger and Mr. Weasley were from different backgrounds:

~Blood (Wizarding family verses Muggle Family)
~Academic performance (teacher’s pet verses most likely to lose his house 20 points for being late his first day)
~Strengths (hers, academic, his, social)
~Reader?  (she is, he is not)

And yet they were both vital to the defeat of Voldemort, the distruction of the Horcruxes, and the ending of the Wizarding War.  Her bookworm tendencies complimented Ron’s basic common sense (to this, I point to the chapter “through the trap door” in SS, where Hermione knows how to stop the Devil’s Snare but ‘has no wood.’  Thank goodness Ron’s common sense prevailed).  Ron was brave to go with Harry into the Chamber; Hermione was bookish and put together the missing pieces through research.  THEY ARE A BALANCE.

These are compatiable differences.  They compliment each other, like colors opposite one another on a color wheel.  It’s not we’re Bella and Edward and not even the same species…

It’s not like we’re Peeta and Katniss.  Maybe we’re in the love triangle of Peeta-Katniss-Gale…

No,  that would mean the Gale in his faulty analogy has a shot and is actually up for serious life-partner consideration. 

I’m giving myself a headache.  I wonder if that ever happened to Hermione.


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