Considering Hermione, Deathly Hallows

Ron left Hermione when things got hard, when things got too tough.  He thought he couldn’t handle it.  She was crushed, but she kept on because she knew she had to.

I have not been Hermione.  Hermione said nothing of her pain, focused her efforts on finding and destroying Horcruxes.

I won’t say I’ve been Bella.  I haven’t gone numb.  I’ve had fun, I’ve made friends and laughed.

I will say I’ve been somewhere in the middle.  So now, I find a way to keep so busy I won’t know the damn difference anymore.  Ron will either come around or he won’t.  I’m wondering what might have happened if Ron had never come back.  What if Edward would never have come back because he realized it was necessary to Bella’s survival?

It will not be necessary for him to come back for me to survive.  Eventually, it will not be tied to my happiness, either.  Someday, perhaps, it will all work out.  I may have to find another literary analogy to make my comparison, but I will…eventually.


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