I Need a Time Turner

“Take a semester off to recooperate from being so sick,” they said.  “You can catch up in the spring,” they said.

Oh goodness me.  I still wanted to graduate on time (May 3, 2013, Breslin Center) so I decided I would take 9 credits this spring.  As Achmed would say, “Oh holy crap, I think I blew my foot off.”  It’s not that it’s not doable.  It’s just that 9 credits, plus working lots of basketball games to help with money, plus keeping up with my house, and then a sinus infection is a lot to deal with.  Did I mention also the fact that I work full time as it is?!

So, naturally, I turn to my role models: Anne Shirley taught school, helped Marilla run Green Gables, and still did school by coorespondence (along with Gilbert Blythe…oh my beating heart).  And Hermione decided to take extra classes, using her Time Turner (I don’t think too closely about the implications of her using that all year…it gives me a headache). 

I could really use a time turner in order to do it all and still have the time to sleep, work out, tan, read for pleasure, watch TV, play with the pets, and grade papers.

Can I just say how awesome it is that Hermione used the power of time travel to learn more?!  Damn, I envy that girl.

I'm not sure who made this, but they're awesome.

I’m not sure who made this, but they’re awesome.


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